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The Blendtec Smoother™
The Legendary Performer

30 Pre-Programmed Blend Cycles On-Board

Whether you blend fruit smoothies, milk shakes, or frozen coffee drinks, the Blendtec Smoother™ is your best choice. In fact the Smoother™ is the blender of choice for many of the world's leading smoothie and coffee retailers. The reasons are clear...

No blending chore is too tough for the Smoother™. Program+Plus™ provides 30 pre-programmed blend profiles available to you with a touch of a key. Select the blend profiles best suited to your needs and assign them to the keypad. Smoothies, frozen coffees, and other frozen delights are made perfectly everytime. No more hassles with the timers and buttons! With Program+Plus™ there are 30 more reasons to blend with the Smoother™.

More Power
The Smoother™ delivers 50 percent more power than other commercial blenders. Hard ice cream, big ice cubes, frozen fruit...bring 'em on! More power means less blending time and faster delivery to your customer.

The Smoother™ was designed with you in mind. No need to purchase a different machine if you change the layout of your counter. Put the Smoother™ anywhere it's versatile.

Attractive, Functional Design
The Smoother™ is a designer's ideal: low profile, functional, and space-saving. The jar is half the weight of other jars, stackable, and can be personalized with your company logo. The lid was designed to require little effort--easy on and easy off.

A heavy-duty 13 AMP or 18 AMP motor--the most powerful motor available.
Half-gallon GE Lexan® Jar.
Liqid Crystal Display (LCD) reports cycle counts and helpful diagnostics.
Acrylic sound enclosure offers bright, clear, 360° visibility.

Footprint Dimensions
Above-counter placement: 9"w X 9"d X 17"h
In-counter placement: 9"w X 9"d X 11" h

USA Warranty
Lifetime warranty on motor drive slpine and blender blade. Two years or 15,000 cycles on the motor base.

International Warranty
Lifetime warranty on motor drive spline and blender blade. (12)Twelve months on motor base.


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