Fully Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Makers

Astra Model RG3-T

Astra SuperMega 1

RG3-T Self Service Profit Center

Super Mega I Service Center

The Model RG3-T fully automated espresso profit center features a professional, all-metal brewing system, 3 powder bins, grinds and brew fresh espresso, a full size motor, advanced programmability allows dispensing of 4 different flavors with a single button. This unit will serve 10 different espresso beverages, is all self contained (or can be plumbed) and is computer controlled. An optional vending feature is also available.

The Super Mega I is a fully automated, fresh milk, espresso/ cappuccino service center. This unit will prepare 8 different espresso beverages, using fresh milk, at the touch of a button. The enclosed refrigeration system holds the milk at a constant 38 degrees F, all the way to the frother. The Super Mega I is self-cleaning and self-pasteurizing, ensuring the delivery of a safe, tasty beverage with each brewing cycle Now is the time to buy this product!


Mega II Specifications

Production Capability (Cups/Hr)


Production Capability (Cups/Hr) 120
Boiler (Liters)


Boiler(Litres) 4.3


Voltage 220
Wattage 1700 Wattage 2500
Different Drinks 10 Different Drinks 8
Height(inches) 37 Height 36
Depth 23.5 Depth 25
Width 34 Width 26